Missing Alpha to Logo Filters on GIMP

If you’ve come to a barrier where you were unable to  access a set of scripts when you clicked on  Alpha to Logo. First things first, are you using a Gimp 2.10 or newer?   

If you said yes, good news is there’s a way to fix it with  few extra steps.

A little background story, the Alpha to Logo feature under the Filters was removed from the program because the moderators didn’t see the features to produce quality images compared to images users were creating with other graphics editors. But as people downloaded the latest versions of GIMP, they lost their shit trying to locate the feature. And so they Gimp provided a way for anyone who was interested to add the Alpha to Logo fonts back in manually. 

Scroll through to figure out how to get your Alpha to Logo filters back.

Head to the link that Gimp has shared to add on any extras to your  program. 

Click on the second to last link to begin downloading the file.


Most PCs won’t have a program that’ll be able to read TAR file.

Head to the  website 7-zip.org Download the 64-bit x64

Once it’s done open the 7-Zip File Manager.

Head to the location where your TAR file was downloaded to. Select the TAR File and click Extract.

When this box pops up, go ahead and click OK

Go  to where you extracted your TAR file. We’re going to click through gimp gimp-data-extras-2.0.4.tar > gimp-data-extras-2.0.4 > gimp-data-extras-2.0.4 > scripts

All of the SCM files you see here are all of the Alpha to logo effects that are available GIMP.

Go ahead and Select All {Ctrl + A}.

Next we’re actually going to open head to the location where the GIMP program is living.

Windows (C:) > Program Files > GIMP 2 > share > gimp > 2.0 > scripts

Create a new folder for your Alpha to Logo scripts.

Go ahead and copy the scripts from the original folder and paste them your new folder. I just titled mine Alpha to Logo. When you paste your files, Windows is going to ask for administrator permission. Make sure the box for Do this for all current items is checked and click Continue.

Now, you should be able to access the Alpha to logo scripts.

To access them, you just have to restart GIMP if you currently have it running. Once it’s up, Create a New composition. Add a text layer. 

Once that’s up you can click through Filters > Alpha to Logo  and choose any of the new features you just added. 

Hope this was helpful and happy GIMPing!

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