How to download a picture from Instagram

Pet peeve: when you’re friends tag you in a post on Instagram and don’t have the decency to to send to you. Especially if it’s a picture where you don’t look like you just got out of bed — face first. The audacity these people have. AirDrop, Text Message, pigeon carrier, for instance.

If you have the same type of people in your inner circle or are just trying to figure out how to save the original picture someone posts on Instagram without capturing a screenshot or having to download one of those third-party applications, you found the right page.

Note: This step by step is done solely on your desktop.

Selecting your picture

  1. First, launch Instagram in you web browser

2. Next, you’re going to click on the post with the desired picture

Accessing the page source

3. Right click anywhere in the screen and click on View Page Source

As a result, that’s going to open the script for the page in a new tab.

Finding the mage URL

4. Use the search-this page shortcut Crtl +F and type .jpg into the search bar.

5. The first result that appear is going to be a URL inside a set of parentheses. Copy that URL and paste it into a new tab.

Saving the image

Once the image appears, you’re good to go ahead and save it to your desktop.

Congratulations, you just officially saved the original image of the Instagram post. In the event, that you are looking to save a picture from a different platform of website, you’ll most likely be able to take the same steps to save the image to your desktop. Just remember, that the image may be uploaded as a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. I’d recommend throwing each file extension into the search bar when you get to Step 4, especially if you’re unsure which type the image is saved as. And there you go! You have just reverse engineered a website to save an image. No more screenshoting for you.

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