Neon Logos in Gimp

If you’ve stumbled on this page it’s probably because it was an accident or you’re trying to figure out how the hell make to access neon logos in Gimp. Assuming you’re a part of the latter, you’ve come to the spot — or at least we’ll find out. Like you, I was also getting impatient sifting through forums and googling jargon. Enough of my BS, les gooo.  

Go ahead and launch Gimp and create a next document.

If you’re looking to create something like a logo, make sure that you begin with a large image that way your image won’t look pixelatd when you zoom in.

Head over the File button and click New.

For this project, I set my image size to be 1920 by 1080.

Once you click OK, it should lead you to this page.

Now let’s zoom out a bit to get a better view of what we’re working with. Towards the bottom left of your screen there’s a drop down menu of percentages you can choose from. You can also just type a percentage.

Now that you can actually see shit, click the color swatches to create a Black background. Select your neon color of choice as the Foreground color.

Click the double arrows to switch the swatches for the Foreground and Background.

Next, click the blend tool. It’s the icon on the left row and three from the bottom.

Edit the Opacity to 50 and edit the Shape to Radial.

You’re going to make your way to the middle of your image.Click and hold down while you drag your cursor out. You’re screen should look like this.

Next, you’re going to use the Text tool. Draw out your text board.

Pick your font and font size. Remember that since this is a large image, you’re going to want your font size to be pretty big. I chose 250 pixels for mine.

Once you find the font style and size you’re happy with, hover over Filter > Alpha to Logo > Neon

There you’ll be able to create your neon logo in Gimp.

Click here if you’re missing your Alpha to Logo Filters.

It should pull up this dialog box. Go ahead and select your neon color and click OK.

Your screen should look like this.

If you like how this looks, go ahead and export to a .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file.

But if you’d like to see what the glow we created looks like, all you have to do is to hide the “Background #1” layer.

To export your image you’re going to click through File > Export As.

Once you name your file, click the +Select File Type (By Extension). I”ll be exporting this project as a .png

Once you click your file type, hit the Export button.

When this dialog pops up, smash the Export button again.

And Bam! Your every own neon logo.

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